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Launched in the new millennium, AuditionAgency.com was one of the first online services to offer real solutions to actors, actresses, models, casting directors and talent agencies. Our mission is to provide casting directors with easy access to the information and pictures of actors or models that are currently available around the world. Our commitment is to help you with your acting resources & casting needs. Whether you are looking to find your next audition, an agent, or cast talent a short film, AuditionAgency.com will provide you with tools and services to expedite and enhance your ability with the help of new technology.

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Agency Directory
View talent agencies, acting agencies and modeling agencies by selecting your state

There are many different types of agents for different types of talent. The main types are theatrical (Television and Film) and commercial (for commercials). There are also dance, print, voice-over,etc. Your agent may represent you for one or more of these categories.

A talent manager is the personal guide for an individual model or talent. While management regulations vary from state to state, managers are among the sources that are intended to be packaging and training resources by such states as Florida.

Casting Directors
Most casting directors operate in Los Angeles or New York, but there are still casting directors in other states as well. Casting directors are hired to cast talent for movies, shows, original features, commercials, TV programs, print work, fashion shows, runway, etc.

At some point in our lives, we’ll most likely be asked to pose for a professional photographer—for an engagement announcement, family portrait, or work-related event. As most photographs in drivers’ licenses and passports show, it’s not necessarily a happy occasion.

Acting Schools
Can an acting or modeling school help you? How can you tell the difference between a legitimate school and one that isn't? Answers to these questions and more, along with help finding the best acting or modeling school to fit your needs.


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